Storm-tek LS6

Seats up to 6 Adults


7′ long by 5′ wide by 5′ – 3″ tall.

Ideal for a family, the Storm-Tek LS6 is a convenient size and affordable price.

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Storm-tek LS6

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Do I really need a storm shelter? 

If you live in Indiana, you know exactly how unpredictable and destructive our wind storms can be. When a tornado comes your way, you are powerless to keep your home upright. But if you invest in a safe room or storm shelter, you can ensure a safe, comfortable place for your family to ride out even the most devastating wind disasters. 


Here at Superior Safe Rooms, we help keep families safe all across Indiana. We believe if you live in this region, you need a storm shelter. If you want more information and have questions, our friendly staff will be glad to help. Or if you are ready to explore storm shelters for your home, call now for a free estimate anywhere in Indiana.

Do you serve residential and commercial customers?


Yes! Superior Safe Rooms can install storm shelters in your house or business so you can have peace of mind whether you are at home with your family or working with your employees.

Can you give me a storm shelter inside my home? 

Yes. If you don’t want to dig a storm shelter under your home or office, we have many interior safe rooms that will protect you during a natural disaster. This option is perfect if you have a spare room or office that you aren’t using. Our steel safe rooms are built from solid steel plating and are bolted directly to the foundation. Even in the windiest storm, your safe room isn’t going anywhere! 


Do you customize safe rooms? 

We can equip your safe room with a gun vault, LED lighting, an LED peep site, and a GFI receptacle so you can still have access to electricity even if you’re closed inside. You have the option to outfit your room with drywall and carpet for a more quiet, comfortable experience. 


Can I add on to my safe room if my family grows? 

Yes. Because our units are modular designs that are laser cut to precision, you can add on to your safe room whenever you need to shelter more people. 


Do you build underground storm shelters? 

Yes! The absolute safest place to be during a tornado or other powerful storm is underground. Storm shelters are an extremely cost-effective alternative to digging a basement and can be hidden discreetly in your back yard. Each of our storm shelters is made of fiberglass and is FEMA approved. Superior Safe Rooms is the only company that offers a lifetime warranty on underground storm shelters! 


Will my storm shelter take up a lot of room on my property? 

Not at all. In fact, you will hardly notice it is there. The door of each unit is about 3 by 4 feet and sticks about 6 inches out of the ground. You can guarantee safety for your family without compromising the beauty of your yard.  


What size shelters do you provide? 

We provide a variety of storm shelters to fit your needs and the number of people you plan on protecting. Our storm shelters come in 4 to 20-man units, so you can choose the size that’s perfect for you. 


Our saferooms run as small as 4 by 4 feet and as large as 8 by 8 feet. 


How much room do I need for an underground storm shelter? 

The actual digging area for your shelter will be at least ten feet by ten feet unless it is our larger 20-man shelter. 


What is the timeline on having my storm shelter installed? 

We prioritize safety over everything else, which is why we work quickly to get your shelter manufactured and installed as soon as possible. Typically, we install the unit two weeks after you place your order.


How long will my storm shelter last?

Superior Safe Rooms offers a lifetime warranty on your storm shelter. We stand behind every product we sell and trust it to keep you safe!


How can I prepare for a storm? 

Superior Saferooms specializes in providing you with a safe room or storm shelter, but another huge priority at our company is ensuring you are safe when you have to utilize these structures and spend extended periods of time inside them. There are a few ways to make sure your storm shelter is ready for you when you have to take cover in it. 


Prepare for an extra one or two people to take refuge with you. In an emergency situation, you may find yourself taking in people who were not prepared themselves. 


Box up all of the things you will need in the room. When the storm siren goes off, you want to be able to take shelter immediately without frantically searching for supplies you need. 


Make sure the food in your shelter is ready to eat cold. Do not cook in the room. Flames use up precious oxygen and are a fire hazard. We suggest not even having matches in your storm shelter. In addition to canned food, it’s a good idea to keep snacks that you enjoy. Having something familiar will be a comfort if you have to remain in your shelter for an extended period of time. 


Make your shelter as comfortable as possible. Have blankets and changes of clothing, including warm clothing during the cooler months. Keep an electric fan to cool off the room. When several people are in an enclosed space, the temperature rises. A fan will keep everyone calm and comfortable during a stressful time. 


And of course, make sure you have plenty of water. You need to keep drinking water on hand, but don’t forget to keep water in case of fire or for first aid purposes. 


Lastly, make sure you have battery operated or electric lights. Never use candles, as the open flame is a fire hazard and uses up your oxygen. 


Anytime you have to take cover in a storm shelter is an intense experience, but when you are prepared, the situation is much more calm and comfortable. 


Can I speak with an expert to help me decide which option is best for me? 

Yes, we always want our customers to be informed of all of our saferoom and storm shelter options to determine which structure is best for them. Our experts can help you decide what product will serve you best. Call now for a free estimate anywhere in Indiana. We will come out to you for a free, zero-pressure consultation to present your options and give you the opportunity to have all of your questions answered.